We proudly serve Buddy Brew Coffee, a local craft roaster from Tampa, Florida.

Buddy Brew's coffee is carefully selected from farmers who diligently grow and process the beans to their highest quality, and treated with tremendous care by artfully hand roasting each bean to its individual perfection. They believe coffee is best enjoyed when it is freshly roasted and meticulously prepared, and we couldn't agree more!!! See below for descriptions of some of the varieties that we serve. And then come see us so we can prepare an amazing cup of coffee for you!!!

Double Dog Espresso

We take espresso very seriously…we roasted, formulated, cupped and tweeked for over a year arriving at, what we think, is espresso heaven, Double Dog Espresso! This is a perfect blend of coffees from around the world each roasted to sweet delicious perfection then combined in exact proportions to bring out the best of each of the component beans making Double Dog Espresso something truly special in its entirety!

What you taste in the cup:
A sweet fruitiness at the start with a hint of boldness accompanied by nutty creaminess on the tongue finishing with hints of dark chocolate and berries.

Ethopian Sidamo Guji

This Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Grade 4 Guji is a dry processed coffee, where the fruit dries around the beans, originating in the south-central mountains south of Addis Abada.

Elevation: 1800-2000 meters
Dried on raised beds, triple hand sorted (ripe cherry, dry pods, processed beans). The Grade 4 aspect is simply removing more defects thru hand sorting than they do normally hence producing a cleaner, better cup.

What you taste in the cup:
Mildly earthy, rich, thick cherry.

Columbian Valle De Cauca

Finca Potosi, proud producer of the Organic Colombian Valle de Cauca Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, is located in the municipality of Caidedonia in the Valle De Cauca Department.

The farm is owned by the Herrera family which has been producing coffee for the past 40 years, ever since the patriarch of the Herrera family moved to the area.

The Valle de Cauca region, also known as the Pacific Door of Colombia, is located in the western half of Colombia. It is well known for its beauty and is one of the country’s most important regions due to its abundance of natural resources.

Perfect weather, the right altitude, family dedication and hard work are the ingredients for producing this coffee!

Region & Geography: Caicedonia, Department of Valle de Cauca
Altitude: 1,450m to 1,650m above sea level
Rain: 1,800mm per year
Varietal: Caturra and Typica
Certifications: Organic and Rainforest Alliance
Process: Wet Process
Dry Process: Silo drying

What you taste in the cup:
Sweet cherry flavor with milk chocolate notes, good balance and great aroma.

Brazil Sul de Minas

José Renato Gonçalves Dias manages the Fazenda Sertaozinho in an ecological manner with the objective of preserving the life of the fertile soil for years to come. Every step from planting to drying is all done by hand. This process allows for a selective harvest by only hand-picking the ripe cherries. Such care shows in the cup! Brazil produces about 1/3 of the total world coffee production hence the importance in the global setting. A record harvest will make the coffee market tank while a significant frost will make it rally. This is one of my favorite origins to visit and it is very different than most. The food is great, there is modern infrastructure, and the Euro-Latin vibe is awesome! Brazilian coffee can be a significant component in a roaster’s menu specially if they use it in their espresso blend. Traditionally, most espresso recipes have included Brazil due to its characteristics: low acidity, high body, creamy, caramel, and chocolate notes, with a significant amount of sweetness. The Yellow Bourbon coffees come from Mogiana region in the state of Minas Gerais, one of Brazil’s most important coffee regions. They are estate specific coffees from farms which have made it numerous times into the Cup of Excellence auction. These coffees will be a step-up from your traditional Brazilian profile. Origin: Brazil Region: Sul de Minas Farm: Fazenda Sertãozinho Altitude: 1000-1300 meters Proc. Method: Natural. Dried on patios.

What you taste in the cup:
Higher citric acidity than most Brazils. Sweet fruit, dark chocolate, and peanut butter notes.

Guatemala Huehuetenango

The Guatemalan Republic located in the Central American region is one of the countries with a long tradition in producing high quality coffee. Its microclimates, lush nature and topography allow it to produce exquisite coffees that are among the best in the world. The Sustainable Coffee Association of Guatemala ASDECAFE, is organized with the objective of making washed Arabica coffees of excellent quality from the Huehuetenango and El Quiche regions available to the international market. Among its partners are groups of producers who are members of Associations and Cooperatives, keeping in mind the future of including private plantations and family groups. The concept of “sustainability” is based on a strong commitment to the protection of the environment, equal distribution of the generated profits, business transparency, a strong commitment to quality and long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. ASDECAFE contributes to the local and national economy by generating employment, foreign exchange earnings and fiscal responsibility. ASDECAFE currently has FAIR TRADE, Organic and Nespresso certification. Its total production is 30,000 bags of exported coffee which are distributed among the local and international markets. Origin: Guatemala Region: Huehuetenango, El Quiche Farm: Various small-holders Altitude: 1400-1800m Proc. Method: Fully Washed

What you taste in the cup:
Baking Spice, Almond, Brown Sugar

Brazil RS Water Processed Decaf

Perhaps the truest test of one’s devotion to coffee would be to eliminate the caffeine and then see who keeps coming back for more. Considering they get all the show and none of the go, it stands to reason that a decaf drinker actually is the most devoted coffee lover of all! For years, this long-suffering subculture has been mired in what can really only be described as the dregs of the coffee world. Decaf has too often been the dumping ground for cheap, old, and defective coffees that do not pass muster as the real stuff. Combine this with decaffeination processes which can create flavors ranging from flat and dry to downright astringent, and the final result in the cup is hardly worthy of our devoted brethren.

No More!

The Royal Select Water Processed Decaf is here!! It is safe to say that the results speak for themselves. First of all, only the absolute best beans are used. Kenya Auction lots? Single Estate Huehues? Fair-Trade Organic Perus? You bet. The real magic happens when the beans are sent to be decaffeinated. Descamex, in Veracruz, has developed a non-contact water process which returns the coffee in such good shape that sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between the decaf and the regular. If you have not had the opportunity to try one of these RSW Decafs, please give this Brazil a try. It’s the least we can do for you true coffee fanatics out there!


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